18 Reassuring Expressions

 To reassure means to make someone feel less worried about something. It also means to make someone less nervous or upset.

In other words, to reassure means:

  • To soothe
  • To comfort


  • I found his words enormously reassuring.
  • I’m afraid there’s not much I can say to reassure you.
  • My brother tried to sound calm and reassuring.

Here are 18 phrases that you can use to reassure them and make them feel better.

You can use these 18 expressions in speaking and writing. 

  1. Don’t worry.
  2. No problem.
  3. You’ll be fine. / It’ll be fine.
  4. That’s okay.
  5. What are you worrying for?
  6. Everything will be fine.
  7. There’s no need to worry.
  8. Take it easy.
  9. There’s nothing to worry about.
  10. It’s going to be easy.
  11. It’ll turn out all right.
  12. Don’t worry you will be fine.
  13. It isn’t as bad as all that.
  14. Whatever you may have heard…
  15. Rest assured,…
  16. Let me give you a hug.
  17. I can assure you that…
  18. I’m always there for you.

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