At The Drugstore

Customer: I’m wondering if you have any over the counter medicine for a skin rash?
Pharmacist:  Have you been to the Doctor?
Customer: No. It’s pretty mild. Just popped up yesterday.
Pharmacist:  Do you have any allergies?
Customer:  None that I know.
Pharmacist:  Were you outdoors? In contact with poison oak or poison ivy?
Customer: No. Nothing like that. I was helping my brother insulate his basement. My skin started itching when I got home.
Pharmacist: I see. You could be having a reaction. Insulation has tiny fibreglass fibres that can irritant the skin.
Customer:  Oh. I did not know this.
Pharmacist:  Yes. Were you wearing any sort of protective clothing?
Customer:  Yes. I was wearing coveralls and gloves.
Pharmacist:  Where on your skin is the rash?
Customer:  It’s all on my arms. See. Little pink bumps and very itchy.
Pharmacist: I suspect you have some fine irritation from the fibreglass. Should go away in a day or two.
Customer:  Can I get a cream for it?
Pharmacist: No. That would just irritate the skin more. Pick up some calamine lotion and pour it in to a tub with warm water. Soak for about 10 to 20 minute. This will help reduce the itch. Other than that, you just have to let it run it’s course.
Customer:  Alright. I’ll try that. Thank-you.

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