Booking a Flight

Traveller: I’d like to book a flight?
Ticket Depot:  What’s your destination?
Traveller: Canada.
Ticket Depot:  Canada’s a big country. Where in Canada?
Traveller: I’m going to Niagara Falls in Canada.
Ticket Depot:  Do you want to fly directly in to Canada?
Traveller:  I suppose. Why do you ask?
Ticket Depot:  Well you have a few flight choices depending on where you want to land.
Traveller: I see. What are my choices.
Ticket Depot: If you fly directly in to Canada, you can land either in Toronto or Hamilton. Both have regular flights depending on when you want to travel.
Traveller: I’m hoping to book a flight for next month.
Ticket Depot: On what day?
Traveller: Well I’ve heard midweek flights are the most economical, so perhaps mid week after the 15th of next month?
Ticket Depot:  Let me check. Yes. I have a couple of midweek flights around that time. Toronto flights are the most frequent if you want a flexible schedule.
Traveller:  I see. Are there any other flight choices?
Ticket Depot:  Yes. You can also fly in to Buffalo, New York which also has frequent flights. Many travellers do this however it does require a border crossing in to Canada from the U.S.
Traveller: I would like to make the trip as simple as possible.
Ticket Depot: Then I would advise a mid-week flight directly to Toronto. You can then book a car to Niagara Falls. It’s the easiest route to go.
Traveller: Great. Let’s look at some available dates.

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