20 ways to say “hello” and “goodbye” in English

In this lesson, you’ll learn different expressions for Hello and Goodbye that you can use in your daily English conversation.

10 ways to say “hello”

  1. Hello 
  2. Hi 
  3. (informal) Hey 
  4. Hi there 
  5. (informal) Howdy 
  6. Hey! What’s up?
  7. What’s going on?
  8. How are you doing today?
  9. How’s everything?
  10. How’s it going?

10 ways to say “goodbye”

  1. Bye
  2. (informal) See ya later
  3. Take care
  4. Have a good one
  5. See you soon
  6. Gotta go!
  7. Talk to you soon
  8. See you next time
  9. Catch ya later
  10. Have a good one

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