Renting A Car

Traveller: I’d like to rent a car.
Rental Clerk:  What type of rental?
Traveller: I’d like something comfortable for about 5 people.
Rental Clerk:  You might want to consider one of our large sedans or an SUV.
Traveller: Which is the most comfortable?
Rental Clerk: Do you have additional items such as large bags or luggage?
Traveller:  Each of us is carrying an overnight bag.
Rental Clerk:  Well then I would definitely recommend the SUV.  It’s has a lot of leg room plus a large storage compartment. They seat 6 so plenty of room.
Traveller: Yes. That sounds perfect.
Rental Clerk: How long do you need the rental?
Traveller: We’d  like to book it for the long weekend. We’re planning a trip to Vegas.
Rental Clerk:  I see. Will you be driving around sightseeing?
Traveller:  I think we’ll do a bit of sightseeing.
Rental Clerk:  Your weekend rental package includes 1000 free kilometres, after that it’s 5 cents per kilometre.
Traveller: That sounds a bit steep.
Rental Clerk: Not really. You’ll probably get to Vegas and back on 600 kilometres; which means you have an extra 400 kilometres for sightseeing.
Traveller: You don’t think we’ll need extra mileage?
Rental Clerk: No. Your mileage allowance is plenty for a weekend in Vegas.
Traveller: Great. Then I would like to book the SUV package for next week.

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