Ordering Food – Fast Food Restaurant

Server: Hi, Welcome to McDonald’s. Can I take your order?
Customer: Yes. I would like a burger and fries.
Server: What kind of burger?
Customer: I’m not sure. What do you have?
Server: Have a look at the menu overhead.
Customer: Oh, I see. Yes. I’ll have a Big Mac.
Server: Do you want the combo meal? It comes with fries and a drink.
Customer: Yes I’ll have the combo but can I have extra pickles on my Big Mac?
Server: Sure. What would you like to drink?
Customer: I’ll have a coke.
Server: Okay. So that’s a Big Mac combo, extra pickles on the Big Mac and coke to drink?
Customer: Yes.
Server: Would you like to upsize your fries and drink?
Customer: What is upsize?
Server: For an extra 50 cents you can upsize your fries and drink from a regular to a large.
Customer: Sure. That sounds good.
Server: Okay. That will be eight dollars and seventy cents.
Customer: Sure. Can I also have extra ice in my coke?
Server: Yes, I can do that. Here is your change. Would you like to donate your change to our hospital fund?
Customer: No thank you. Maybe next time.
Server: Okay. I’ll be right back with the rest of your order.

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