At the Gas Station

Customer:  Hello. I’d like thirty dollars of premium.
Gas Attendant: Sure. Would you like me to check your oil?
Customer: Yes. Can you check my wiper fluids as well?
Gas Attendant:  Your oil seems a little low.
Customer:  How low?
Gas Attendant:  You’re down about a quart. Do you want me to top it up?
Customer:  Yes please. Can you do my windows?
Gas Attendant:   Yes. It’s part of our service. I’ll get to the windows right after I check your wiper fluid.
Customer:  Great. Thank-you.
Gas Attendant: Your wiper fluid is almost empty.
Customer: I guess I better top that off too.
Gas Attendant:  Yes. Buy a jug and I can fill it. This way you can throw the rest in the truck.
Customer:  That’s a good idea. I’ll take a jug. So how much for everything?
Gas Attendant:  I’ll just ring up everything at the cashier and be right back with your total.
Customer:  Sounds good. Thanks.
Gas Attendant:  Your total plus the gas comes to thirty nine dollars.
Customer:  Can I pay by credit card?
Gas Attendant:  Yes. Let me just run in and grab the portable. This way you don’t have to get out of your car.
Customer:  Great. Thanks a lot.

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