At the Doctor

Patient: Hello. I’m here to see Dr. White.
Nurse: What is your name?
Patient: Cameron West.
Nurse: What time is your appointment?
Patient: One thirty.
Nurse: You’re a little early. Have a seat in the waiting room. I’ll call you when Dr. White is ready.
Patient: Thank you.
Nurse: Cameron? Can you come with me? This room is a little more private. Let me take some notes for Dr. White. What brings you here today?
Patient: I have a sore throat that doesn’t seem to be going away.
Nurse: I see. Any other symptoms?
Patient: Yes. It really hurts to swallow and sometimes I lose my voice when speaking.
Nurse: Okay. I’ll make a note on your chart for Dr. White. I see it’s been a while since your last visit.
Patient: Yes. I’ve been pretty healthy up until now.
Nurse: That’s good to hear. Your last physical was about a year ago?
Patient: Yes that seems about right.
Nurse: Well after you speak with Dr. White, make sure to book an appointment for your yearly physical okay? You can book it with the receptionist on the way out.
Patient: Okay. I will. Thank you.
Nurse: Alright then, just wait here. Dr. White is running a bit behind, but he’ll be with you shortly.
Patient: Thank you.
Nurse: No problem. Bye for now.

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