Ask for a Job Application

Applicant: I’d like to apply for the cashiers position.
Employer:  Do you have any experience?
Applicant:  Yes. I have worked as a cashier before.
Employer:  Are you looking for full-time or part- time work?
Applicant:  Part-time. The ad said part time. Is this still available?
Employer:  Oh, yes. We’re only hiring part-time. I have an application form for you to fill out.
Applicant:  I would like to fill out the application, thank-you.
Employer:  You can take it with you and bring it back or fill it out here.
Applicant:  I’d like to fill it out here if I can.
Employer:  Yes of course. There’s a coffee shop across the hall. You can fill it out there.
Applicant:  They won’t mind?
Employer: No. Our store employees are frequent customers. Just fill out the form and bring it back when you are done.
Applicant:  Alright I will. Thank-you.
Employer: If you can, please fill out your references and their contact information.
Applicant:  Yes. I have their information with me.
Employer: That’s good. It helps us to process the applications a bit quicker.
Applicant: Are you looking to hire right away?
Employer: Yes. We are getting ready for the holiday rush.
Applicant: That’s good to hear. I’ll be right back with my application.

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