Talking About the Weather

Friend 1: Did you see the thunder storm late last night?
Friend 2: No. I totally missed it.
Friend 1: It was pretty loud. Did you sleep through it?
Friend 2: I guess I must have, didn't hear a thing.
Friend 1:  I watched it from my bedroom window. The rain was really heavy.
Friend 2:  I heard on the news this morning some areas had a lot of flooding.
Friend 1: My aunts basement got flooded, they're doing clean up today.
Friend 2: Was there a lot of damage?
Friend 1:  Not too much. A few items near the stairwell.
Friend 2:  That's good. Some of the roads were flooded out as well.
Friend 1: Did you see the sink hole on the highway?
Friend 2:  No I didn't. Was it bad?
Friend 1:  One whole section of the road collapsed. I guess with the heavy downpour the ground turned in to a swamp.
Friend 2:  I can't believe I didn't wake up!
Friend 1:  It was pretty late when the heavy stuff started coming down. Plus it happened so fast, it was over in about twenty minutes but what a downpour!
Friend 2:  Sounds like it. I guess our neighbourhood was pretty lucky, lots of big puddles but no flooding.
Friend 1: The weather report says only neighbourhoods in the lower parts of the city were affected by the flooding.
Friend 2:  That makes sense. Well it's suppose to be sunny and warm today so hopefully most of it will dry up.

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