Making a Phone Call

Operator:  can I help you?
Caller:  Yes, I'd like to place a long distance call.
Operator:   Do you have a calling card?
Caller:   No I don't, sorry.
Operator:   Do you want to make a collect call?
Caller:   No, I would prefer to call direct.
Operator:   If you have a Visa or Master card I can charge the call to your card.
Caller:  Can I charge it to my home phone?
Operator:  Sorry, but you cannot charge calls to your home phone from your cell phone, unless it's part of your mobile service.
Caller:  I see. I don't have a long distance plan on my cell phone.
Operator:  The only other option you have is to use a credit card or a calling card.
Caller: Where would I pick up a calling card?
Operator:  Most stores sell them or you can order one online for instant download.
Caller: If I buy one online I can download and use immediately?
Operator:   Yes. A pin is sent to your inbox and you can start making calls right away. You just dial the number, input your pin, and the system will connect your call.
Caller: Alright. I will check online.
Operator: Is there anything else I can do for you before we disconnect?
Caller: No thank-you. I have all the information I need.

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