Finding An Apartment

Renter:  Hello. I'd like to rent an apartment.
Rental Agent: What size? We have one and two bedrooms.
Renter: I'm looking for a one bedroom.
Rental Agent:  We don't have any vacancies right now but I can place you on our waiting list.
Renter: How long is the waiting list?
Rental Agent: It depends. The average wait is three months.
Renter:  I really need an apartment for next month.
Rental Agent:  You might want to place yourself on the list anyway. Sometimes people drop off because they've found something else.
Renter: Do you have a one bedroom I can look at before I decide?
Rental Agent: I have a vacant one now but it's being painted. I don' think the painters will mind if we take a peek. It will be a bit messy though.
Renter: That's alright. I'm just trying to gauge the size.
Rental Agent: Yes of course. All our units come with five appliances including an in-suite washer and dryer.
Renter:  The size is very impressive. Is there parking?
Rental Agent:  Yes we have underground parking for all our units.
Renter: I like the layout and the cleanliness.
Rental Agent: Yes. All the units are fairly new. We keep them in good repair.
Renter:  How much is the one bedroom per month?
Rental Agent: The one bedroom is twelve hundred per month all inclusive. The tenant needs to arrange a phone hook up.
Renter: I think this is worth the wait. Please put me on the list.
Rental Agent:  Let's go down to the office and we can get the paperwork started.

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