Dining Out

Customer:  Can you please recommend an appetizer for us?
Waiter:  Certainly. We have a lovely brie plate or shrimp salad plate.
Customer:  I think perhaps the brie, my wife has an allergy to shrimp.
Waiter:  Certainly not a problem. Would you like two plates or one?
Customer:  What do you recommend?
Waiter: Have you ordered your entree yet?
Customer: Yes, we've ordered the beef entree.
Waiter:  Well that is quite a large entree. I think one appetizer should suffice.
Customer:  Yes. I agree. Can we also order some Perrier?
Waiter:  Certainly. Do you prefer by the glass or bottle?
Customer:  Can you bring us two bottles?
Waiter:   Yes. We have the Lemon Perrier and also the Lime Perrier. Which do you prefer.
Customer:  We'll have one of each with two water goblets as well.
Waiter:  Yes of course. Would you like the Perrier and brie together?
Customer: How long to prepare the brie?
Waiter:  I believe the chef can have in ready in a few minutes.
Customer: Let's start with the Perrier and send the brie to the table as soon as it's ready.
Server:  Not a problem. I'll sent your Perrier over right away.
Customer:  Yes, thank you.
Server: I'll be right back with your brie appetizer.

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