Changing Money

Customer: I'd like to exchange some money.
Currency Clerk:  What would you like to exchange?
Customer: I'd like to change some Euros to U.S. Dollars.
Currency Clerk: How much would you like to exchange.
Customer: I'd like to exchange three thousand Euros.
Currency Clerk:   I'm afraid our limit here is two thousand Euros. You can try the exchange at the bank.
Customer:  I really don't have time to go to the bank. I'll exchange two thousand for now.
Currency Clerk:  The Euro is showing an exchange of one point one eight on the dollar.
Customer:  So how much American?
Currency Clerk:  That works out to approximately twenty seven hundred U.S. Dollars.
Customer:  I can start with that and exchange the rest later.
Currency Clerk:  We also charge a three point five percent fee for exchange.
Customer:  I see. Is that on the total amount of exchange or for each dollar exchange?
Currency Clerk:  That's the fee we charge on the total exchange.
Customer:  So minus the fees how much is the total exchange?
Currency Clerk:   Minus our fees the total exchange from Euro to U.S. Dollar will give you approximately twenty six hundred American.
Customer:  Alright. I'll take it.
Currency Clerk: I'll be right back with your money.

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