Buying Shoes

Shopper: I need some shoes for a sight seeing trip.
Shoe Clerk: I image you'll be doing a lot of walking?
Shopper:  Yes so I'd like them to be comfortable.
Retail Clerk: I would recommend a leather loafer. They are casual yet functional.
Shopper:  Are they good for walking?
Retail Clerk:  Yes. These ones have added support in the sole and the leather allows the foot to breath.
Shopper:  I like the style. Do you have a size eight?
Retail Clerk:  Yes we do. Would you prefer a slip-on loafer or one with laces?
Shopper:   I'd like a slip-on. Preferably in a brown or tan.
Retail Clerk: We six different colours with this style. I'll bring the tan and brown but you also might want to try the burnt orange.
Shopper:  Sure bring all three in a size eight.
Retail Clerk:  How do they fit? Do you like the colours?
Shopper:   They fit great. It feels like I'll get a lot of foot support.
Retail Clerk: Yes, they are designed with added support for walking. We sell quite a few pairs during the summer months.
Shopper:   I thought the burnt orange would be too bright, but now that I see them, I really like the colour. I think they'll be perfect for my trip. I'll take them.
Retail Clerk:  Nice choice. I'm glad you like them. Let me ring those up for you.

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