Buying Clothes

Shopper: I'm looking for a new fall coat.
Retail Clerk: I can help you with that. What kind of coat are you looking for?
Shopper:  I'd like a dressier style. Something to wear with a dress or skirt.
Retail Clerk: We have some new wool coats in stock, would you like to try one on?
Shopper:  Sure. Are they a longer coat?
Retail Clerk:  They come in two lengths, a short jacket and a three quarter length.
Shopper:  I'd like to try the longer coat please.
Retail Clerk:  Sure. What size are you looking for?
Shopper:   I'd like a size ten please.
Retail Clerk: We don't carry even sizes. We have size seven, nine, eleven, odd numbers. Try the nine first and if it doesn't fit you can bump up to the eleven.
Shopper:  Alright. Yes the nine fits nicely. I like the length too. I'm just not sold on the colour.
Retail Clerk:  We also have this style in a tan, black and red.
Shopper:   Maybe the black or tan? The grey seems a bit dull to me.
Retail Clerk: Black is fairly classic. So you will get a longer wear out of it than say a tan or red.
Shopper:   That's true. I want something I can wear for several years.
Retail Clerk:  Then I would recommend the black. These coast are made from high quality wool so you will get several good years before they start to show too much wear.
Shopper:  Good to know. I'll take a black in size nine if you have it in stock.
Retail Clerk:  Yes I do. I'll be right back with your coat.

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