At the Zoo

Friend 1: This place is huge.
Friend 2: I know. It takes all day to cover each animal kingdom.
Friend 1: Good thing it's not too hot. We have a lot of walking to do.
Friend 2: Yes we do. Do you want to start with the indoor exhibits? That's where we'll see the chimps and orangutans.
Friend 1:  Since it's near the entrance let's do them last.
Friend 2:  Okay. Then let's head over to the bear compound. I'm excited to see the polar bears.
Friend 1: I've never seen one up close. I hear they're quite large.
Friend 2:  Wow look how big they are! Their coat is kind of yellow, I guess not as white as on television.
Friend 1:  Just the underbelly is yellow. Lets go feed the brown bears. We can buy some fruit and nuts for them.
Friend 2:  Look how close they come to get the food. They look bigger than the polar bears.
Friend 1: I think it's just because they stand up more. All the bears seems pretty huge.
Friend 2:  That's true. Where too next?
Friend 1:  Let's walk over to the big cat compound. I want to see the Canadian bobcat.
Friend 2:  Sure. I'd like to see the leopards too.
Friend 1:  The bobcat is pretty small. Almost looks like a big house cat.
Friend 2:  I bet they don't act like a house cat.
Friend 1:  Ha! That's funny. I'm getting thirsty. How about we stop for a drink before we hit the leopard cages?
Friend 2:  Yes. A little break from walking would be good. After the leopards we can go see the rhinos.

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