At the Hair Salon

Customer: I'm here for my hair appointment.
Stylist:  Hi Ashlee. You're booked for noon right?
Customer: Yes. For my hair extensions.
Stylist:  Are you getting a full head?
Customer: Yes, full head and full length.
Stylist:  Let's have a look at your colour card.
Customer:  I'd like to mix it up with a few lighter extensions.
Stylist:  Sure, what do you think of these two shades?
Customer:  I like them. How long do you think the extensions will take to finish?
Stylist:  It will probably take me a couple hours. Do you want to grab anything before we get started?
Customer:  Yes. I think I'll grab a water and some magazines.
Stylist:   That's a good idea. I'll get set up. Meet me at my chair station.
Customer:  I'm really liking the length so far.
Stylist:  Yes. The longer hair suits you. Once we get the lighter shade in, it will look really great.
Customer:  How long do you think they will last?
Stylist:  Oh they'll last until your ready to take them out. The new attachments are pretty solid.
Customer:  That's fantastic and washing is no problem?
Stylist:   No. Just treat them like your regular hair.
Customer:  That sounds easy. I can't wait to see them all done.

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