At the Dry Cleaners

Customer:  Hello. I need to drop off my shirts for cleaning but I need one by tomorrow. Is that possible?
Dry Cleaner: Yes. We have rapid service but it costs a bit more.
Customer: That's fine. I need it by tomorrow afternoon.
Dry Cleaner:  It's a 24 hour service, so the earliest I can get it to you is tomorrow at five.
Customer:  I see. It's a bit tight but I can manage. I also have an ink stain on one of my shirt sleeves. Can you remove it?
Dry Cleaner:  Let me have a look. It's not too heavy so we should be able to remove it with our spot remover.
Customer:  Great. I'll only need my blue shirt for tomorrow; no rush on the other two.
Dry Cleaner:   Sure. The blue we'll place on rapid order, the other two on regular order. They'll be ready in about 3 days.
Customer:  Yes, that's fine. I'm more worried the blue shirt gets done by tomorrow.
Dry Cleaner: Don't worry. Our  driver picks up at five and drops off at five.
Customer: So he'll be here in about an our to pick up my shirts?
Dry Cleaner:  Yes. Your shirts will go out with today's pick up and the rapid ticket will be returned the same time tomorrow.
Customer:  Alright then. I have nothing to worry about.
Dry Cleaner:   That's right. Just show your ticket at the counter tomorrow when you come to pick up your shirt.
Customer:  Yes. I will. Thanks for all your help.
Dry Cleaner:   No problem. Have a good day.

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