At the Beach

Friend 1: Did you bring some sunscreen? I forgot mine.
Friend 2: I have some coconut oil but no sunscreen.
Friend 1: Maybe I can pick some up at the beach shop on the boardwalk.
Friend 2: Let's find a spot near some shade.
Friend 1:  The beach looks fairly full. Not too many shady spots left.
Friend 2:  There's a spot over there, by those cabanas.
Friend 1: Oh yes, I see some shade. Let's walk over.
Friend 2:  I'm going to put down our towels. This way when we're swimming, no one will take our spot.
Friend 1:  That's a good idea. Lets check out the water.
Friend 2:  It feels so warm. The water is so calm.
Friend 1: Let's swim for a bit and then we can look for your sunscreen.
Friend 2:  Okay, but I don't want to swim for too long. My skin burns easily.
Friend 1:  I don't have that problem. I just use coconut oil, it works fine for me.
Friend 2:  You're lucky to have darker skin. You can enjoy the sun longer.
Friend 1:  Yes. Shall we swim out a bit further?
Friend 2:  Yes. Let's swim over to the pier, we can sit and watch the boats for a bit.
Friend 1:  Okay. Then we'll go to the beach shop, see if I can get my sun screen.
Friend 2:  Alright. Let's see who can swim the fastest. I'll meet you on the pier.

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