Apply for a Credit Card

Customer: I'd like to apply for a Credit Card.
Credit Officer:  What type of card? What will you be using it for?
Customer: I'd like to use it for travelling. For bookings and spending money.
Credit Officer: We have a travellers card that earns points when you travel or book a hotel room.
Customer: That sounds interesting.
Credit Officer: If you're a frequent traveller I highly recommend it. Points add up fast and you can use them towards discounts on future flights, meals, hotels, that sort of thing.
Customer:  What are the fees?
Credit Officer:  This card has two levels Standard and Premium.
Customer:  Which is better?
Credit Officer: Obviously the premium. The interest rates are lower but there is a yearly fee.
Customer:  I see and the standard? What are the rates?
Credit Officer: The standard card has no yearly fees but the interest rate is much higher.
Customer:  What other benefits does the premium card have?
Credit Officer: It has a V.I.P. booking service, which means no matter where you travel, you get first choice of flights and hotel accommodations. No more line-ups or delays.
Customer:  I like the idea of the premium. I hate waiting in airport line-ups. How do I apply?
Credit Officer: We need to fill out this credit application along with the basics such as income verification, other loans or cards you might have, that sort of thing.
Customer:  Sure. How long before the card is approved?
Credit Officer: It's fairly quick as long as all your financial information is current and up to date. You can expect a card in the mail within 10 business days.
Customer: Great, let's get started.

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