Shopping at the Mall

Friend 1: I love mall shopping!
Friend 2: I know. I really want to hit the Guess store.
Friend 1: Me too. I want to pick up a new sweater.
Friend 2: I need to stop at the Athletic store as well. I need new tennis shoes.
Friend 1: What store do you want to hit first?
Friend 2:  I'd like to get my shoes first, then I can see how much cash I have for other spending.
Friend 1: That's smart. I wouldn't mind seeing their new yoga gear.
Friend 2:  What do you think of this pair?
Friend 1:  They look great. Nice color too. How do they fit?
Friend 2:  They fit great. Like walking on air. These will be light on the courts.
Friend 1: Are you getting them?
Friend 2:  Yes. I think I will. Where to next?
Friend 1:  Let's grab a drink before we head over to Guess.
Friend 2: Good idea. It's hot in here. I'm going to grab a fruit smoothie. How about you?
Friend 1:  I'll have one too. The mango peach sounds good.
Friend 2:  Let's sit for a minute. I don't think the Guess store will let us take our drinks in.
Friend 1: No they don't allow food or drinks in the store.
Friend 2:  I like that blue sweater in the window.
Friend 1:  Yes. Guess always has such nice stuff.
Friend 2:  Yes. Let's go in and see what else they have.

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