School Registration

Parent:  I'd like to register my son for school.
School Registrar: To start this September?
Parent:  Yes. For kindergarten.
School Registrar: How old is your son?
Parent:  He'll be five in August.
School Registrar: Very good. He definitely meets our age requirement.
Parent:  That's good to hear.
School Registrar: Are his immunization records up to date?
Parent:  Yes, but he's due for a booster shot in July.
School Registrar: No problem, just make sure he's fully immunized by September. Does he have any allergies?
Parent:  Yes, he has an allergy to dairy products.
School Registrar: Is it severe? Can he be around others who may eat or drink dairy?
Parent:  He has a mild allergy, only when ingested.
School Registrar: That's good to know. Do you have a list of emergency contacts, just in case we can't reach mom or dad?
Parent:  Yes I do. My sister and mother-in-law.
School Registrar: Okay then. Let me get you the full registrations forms. Make sure to include your son's health number and Doctor's contact information. Once completed, I'll input to the system.
Parent:  Thank-you. Will we be able to meet with the teacher?
School Registrar: Oh yes of course. We send a letter out with a meeting date but if you don't receive one by the end of August, please give us a call.
Parent: I will thank-you.

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