Picking Up a Prescription

Customer: I'd like pick up my prescription.
Pharmacist:  What is the name?
Customer: Cameron West.
Pharmacist:  Yes. Here it is. How would you like to pay?
Customer:  My work covers my prescriptions. How do I pay?
Pharmacist:  Normally the customer pays then submits the receipt to your employer for reimbursement.
Customer: I see. So I pay for the prescription first?
Pharmacist: Yes. That's how it works. Just make sure to hang on to your receipt. You will need it to submit to your employer.
Customer:  I understand. I'll pay by debit.
Pharmacist:  Thank-you. With this prescription, make sure to take one pill with each meal. Three times per day.
Customer:  That might be tough. I normally don't break for lunch.
Pharmacist:  Well, it's important to take these with food. They can be a bit harsh on the stomach.
Customer:  I suppose I could take a small break at lunch for a quick snack. An apple or something.
Pharmacist: That's a good idea. I would not recommend taking these on an empty stomach.
Customer: Any other side effects I should know?
Pharmacist: No. Just remember three times per day with food and take the prescription until it's finished.
Customer:  Alright. I will. Thank-you.

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