Checking Out of the Hotel

Concierge:  Checking out?
Guest: Yes I am.
Concierge: How was your stay?
Guest: Enjoyable thank you.
Concierge: Let me run your card through and you can be on your way.
Guest: Great. Thank-you. Can you have Valet pull my car up as well?
Concierge: Yes of course. Let me ring that through for you. I notice several charges to your room.
Guest: Yes.  Two or three.
Concierge: I'm seeing four additional charges.
Guest: Oh? Can you give me the list?
Concierge: Yes of course, let me get a print out for you.
Guest: Yes I see. I forgot I had my shirt washed and pressed. Along with the room service, this looks about right.
Concierge: Good, shall I process through your card then?
Guest: Yes. Everything's in order.
Concierge: Are you aware we offer express check out through WiFi?
Guest: No. I was not aware.
Concierge: Yes, on your next stay mention it when checking in. The front desk can set it up for you. I'll have your luggage pulled up front while you wait for Valet. Thanks for staying with us.
Guest:  I'll keep the express check out in mind for next time. Thank-you.

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