Booking a Hotel Room

Guest: I'd like to book a hotel room.
Hotel Receptionist:  What date are you looking to book?
Guest: I'm hoping August 1st.
Hotel Receptionist:  That can be arranged. Smoking or non smoking?
Guest: Non smoking please.
Hotel Receptionist:  Just for one night?
Guest: Two nights. August 1st and 2nd.
Hotel Receptionist:  Yes both nights are available.  How many guests?
Guest: The room is for my brother and myself.
Hotel Receptionist: So you'll require two beds?
Guest: Yes that's right.
Hotel Receptionist: I have a standard room, city view with 2 queen beds. Will that be okay?
Guest: Do you have anything larger? With a sitting area?
Hotel Receptionist:  Let me check. Yes. I have a King suite with a sitting area along with 2 queen beds. There is also a pull out sofa bed if you require additional sleeping space.
Guest:  Is the sitting area separate from the sleeping area?
Hotel Receptionist: It's not a separate room, however there are french doors that separate the sleeping area from the sitting area. Normally our guests close the doors if they require more privacy.
Guest: I see. That sounds fine. Can you please book the King suite for me?
Hotel Receptionist: Absolutely. I just require a major credit card to reserve your suite.

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