Booking an Appointment

Customer: I'd like to book an appointment for a hair consultation.
Stylist:  That's not a problem. Are you looking for a new color tint?
Customer: No. I'd like to get some hair extensions.
Stylist:  Is your hair long or short.
Customer: Ah, about my neckline.
Stylist:  Do you want long extensions?
Customer:  Yes. I want very long ones. Midway down my back.
Stylist:  We can do that. Have you been to our salon before?
Customer:  Yes. Nancy usually does my hair.
Stylist:  Oh then, you must be on file. What is your name?
Customer:  Ashlee Bella.
Stylist:   Let me put you on hold Ashlee while I look up your card. Okay, I have an appointment open for next Thursday at noon. Can you make it?
Customer:  Yes. I can make it.
Stylist:  Great. You'll meet with one of our stylish and she can advise you on the right texture and color for your extensions. She does excellent match ups that look very natural.
Customer:  So will she be putting in my extensions?
Stylist:  No. She's the consultant. Once she finishes her evaluation, you can book with Nancy to get the extensions applied. The evaluations are booked in half hour appointments.
Customer:  Okay great. Can you book an appointment with Nancy for right after my consultation? I'd like to get it all done in one day.
Stylist:   Sure I can book Nancy. So we'll see you next Thursday at noon. I've blocked off 2 hours with Nancy as well.
Customer:  Great. See you next week.

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