At the Job Recruiter

Applicant: I'd like to challenge my skills in a different capacity.
Recruiter:  I see you've been a banking teller for several years.
Applicant: Yes. The job is good but I'm a bit bored.
Recruiter: Are you looking to stay in the financial sector?
Applicant:  Yes. I like the industry but I would also like to advance.
Recruiter:  How so?
Applicant:  I'd like to consider moving towards investment banking.
Recruiter: Such as a broker?
Applicant: Yes. Similar. We are able to do some advisory work at my bank with no commissions.
Recruiter:  Does this require additional skills?
Applicant:  Yes. The bank offers a few night courses but I don't see this as ideal.
Recruiter: I see. So you're ultimate goal is to become a broker?
Applicant:  Yes.
Recruiter: I would advise you to take what the bank has to offer in the way of career development. Try the advisory position for a few months. Then come back and see me.
Applicant:  Do you think this would help my career?
Recruiter: Yes. This way, you get a bit of a challenge on the job, plus get a feel for investment banking. If you like it, we can meet in a few months to discuss next steps.
Applicant: That is a good plan. Thank-you.

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