At the Gym

Customer:  I need some personal training.
Trainer:  What do you want to accomplish?
Customer: I'd like to tone up and add some muscle mass.
Trainer:  What areas bother you the most?
Customer:  I'd like to get rid of my belly and build some muscle in my chest and arms.
Trainer: That's fairly routine. How old are you?
Customer:  Twenty-five.
Trainer:  Do you work out at the gym?
Customer:  On and off. I do a lot of biking. I ride every day to work.
Trainer:  That's good cardio and you don't look too out of shape.
Customer:  Yes my cardio is good but I'm a little small in the chest and arms.
Trainer:  We can work on that. I can set up a weight routine for you.
Customer:  How long would I have to lift weights to see results?
Trainer: I would recommend three times per week to start. You should begin to see results in about six weeks?
Customer:  You're not sure?
Trainer: Well it all depends on you. If you watch your food intake not too much junk food or alcohol, then you will definitely begin to see results in about  six weeks.
Customer:  And what about my belly?
Trainer:  Stick to the routine I give you and your belly fat should disappear.
Customer:  I don't have to do any special routine?
Trainer: No. The type of weight training I do will take care of the belly fat.
Customer:  Great! Where do I sign up?

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