At the Dentist

Patient:  I'd like to get my teeth cleaned.
Dentist: When was your last visit?
Patient: About  six months ago.
Dentist:  Did you have any work done?
Patient: Yes. I had some x-rays and one tooth repair.
Dentist:  What kind of repair?
Patient: I had a small cavity in my back tooth. I had it filled.
Dentist: Yes. I see this on your chart. Your x-rays look fine as well. I see no major issues.
Patient: That's good. Can I get a cleaning today?
Dentist:  I think we can manage it. Have you had any problems since your last visit?
Patient: No. Everything seems okay.
Dentist:  Any problems with chewing or jaw pain?
Patient:  No. Everything seems normal.
Dentist:  Do you have any open sores inside your mouth or on your tongue?
Patient: No, no, nothing like that.
Dentist:  Very good. Let me just have a quick look. Are you flossing regularly?
Patient: Yes I am.
Dentist:  Alright everything looks fine. I can arrange a cleaning for you in about 15 minutes.
Patient: That's great. About how long will the cleaning take?
Dentist:  Not long, under 20 minutes. Just wait in the reception area until your name is called.
Patient: Okay great. Thanks very much.

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