At the Bookstore

Customer:  I'm looking for the latest copy of Joel Olsteen's book.
Bookstore clerk:  Do you know the name of the book?
Customer: I think it's something like “Do Your Best Everyday”?
Bookstore clerk: Hmmm, I don't think I'm familiar with that one.
Customer:  I read about it on his website. It's his newest release.
Bookstore clerk:  Fiction or non-fiction?
Customer:  I'm not sure. It's for everyday living but has some storytelling as well.
Bookstore clerk: Well it might be a self-help book.
Customer:  I think you're right.
Bookstore clerk: Let me look it up. It might be in our database.
Customer:  Thank-you.
Bookstore clerk: I see he has quite a few books published. There is one titled “Your Best Life” but it's not a new release.
Customer:  No I don't think so. This is his newest release.
Bookstore clerk:  His newest release is  “I Declare”. That is the most current. Published this year.
Customer:  Yes. That's it. Do you have any in stock?
Bookstore clerk: It says we have several in store.
Customer:  Where can I find one?
Bookstore clerk: They are located in the self help section. I can show you where.
Customer:  That would be great thanks.
Bookstore clerk: Are you looking for hardcover or paperback?
Customer:  Either will do thanks.

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