At the Barber

Customer:  I'd like a haircut please.
Barber:  I have two customers ahead of you. Do you mind waiting?
Customer: How long is the wait?
Barber:  About 20 minutes. You can read a few magazines.
Customer:  I don't mind waiting. I really need a cut.
Barber:  What's your name?
Customer:  Cameron.
Barber:  Sure Cameron, have a seat. I'll be with you in about 20 minutes.
Customer:  Okay sounds good.
Barber:  Come on over Cameron. Have a seat. What can I do for you today?
Customer: Very short on the back and sides, with a bit left on top.
Barber:  So you want it very neat?
Customer:  Yes I do but not super short on top. I still want to mess it up a bit.
Barber: Ah, that tousled look?
Customer:  Sort of but still professional and neat.
Barber: So you want to have it a bit casual yet still be able to comb it neat for the office?
Customer:  Yes, exactly.
Barber:  That is not a problem.
Customer:  Great. Can you also give me a shave as well?
Barber:  Yes of course. How about a nice hot towel afterwards?
Customer:  Yes thank you.

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