At the Hotel

Guest: I'd like to arrange a wake up call.
Concierge: I can do that for you. What time?
Guest: I'm staying for several days and need one for each morning.
Concierge: That can be arranged. Same time each day?
Guest: No. I actually need a different time each day. Can I set this up now?
Concierge: Yes. I can set this up for you.
Guest: It's very important that I don't miss any of these calls.
Concierge: Not to worry. We input all the data in our hotel system.
Guest: Good. I need a 7 a.m. wake up call on Tuesday and Thursday, plus a 6 a.m. wake up call for Wednesday morning.
Concierge: Not a problem. Just give me a moment while I input the data and give you a print out.
Guest: Great. If there are any changes, can I adjust the schedule?
Concierge: Yes absolutely. Just call down to the front desk and then can make any adjustments you need.
Guest: That's good because I may need to adjust my Wednesday morning call.
Concierge: No problem. We check every evening for the next day call schedules. You can change your morning wake-up at any time.
Guest: That's very comforting to know.
Concierge: Yes. We strive to keep every guest comfortable.

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