Vocabulary lesson 101

Midterm: A test you take halfway through a class. It measures what you have learned from the beginning until that point.

  • Before then, players will be pressed to score well on midterm exams and papers.

Cubicle: A small work space that is separated from other work spaces by low, often temporary walls.

  • At work he sits in a trading-floor-style cubicle among dozens of his colleagues.

Colloquial: Used in everyday or informal speech.

  • Some of these will be presented unmodified in fresh and colloquial translations.

Temporary: Not lasting for a long time or forever. Not permanent.

  • Temporary and lower paying jobs do not qualify buyers for any kind of home loan.

Distinct: Clear. Unique. Different or separated from other things.

  • The original recipe calls for curry powder, which adds a really distinct flavor.

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