At the Bank

Customer: I'd like to open a bank account.
Bank Teller: What type of account? We have several types.
Customer: I'd like an account for regular banking.
Bank Teller: Will you be writing many cheques?
Customer: A few but not many.
Bank Teller: Less than ten per month?
Customer: Yes. Definitely less than ten.
Bank Teller: Will you be using cash or debit for purchase transactions?
Customer: I use my debit card quite a bit.
Bank Teller: How do you pay your bills? Through the mail or online?
Customer: Normally I bring them to the bank and pay at the teller but I would like to start paying them online.
Bank Teller: Many customers are paying bills online. In fact we recommend it. Less paper.
Customer: I see. Can I set this up with my new account?
Bank Teller: Yes absolutely. I would recommend our Value chequing account. It seems compatible with your needs plus the online banking is easy to set up and free to use.
Customer: That sounds good.
Bank Teller: Alright. I'll just need some photo identification and I can start processing your new banking application.
Customer: Sure. Can I use my passport?
Bank Teller: Absolutely. Any government issue I.D. is acceptable.

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