At the Cinema

Friend 1: I've been looking forward to this movie for some time.
Friend 2: I know. It has so many great revues.
Friend 1: Do you want to get a regular ticket or an IMAX ticket?
Friend 2: What do you think?
Friend 1: I'm not sure.
Friend 2: Well, they say there's a lot of action scenes so it might be pretty incredible on the IMAX screen.
Friend 1: That's true. What time does the IMAX show start?
Friend 2: Let's have a look. It starts an hour later than the regular show.
Friend 1: So we have to wait around an extra hour. Is that okay for you?
Friend 2: I don't have a problem waiting. We can always grab a coffee while we wait.
Friend 1: Sure. What do you think about purchasing our tickets now? That way we don't have to wait in line.
Friend 2: That's a good idea. Besides, the later show might be less crowded.
Friend 1: You might be right. It is closer to dinner time. Maybe we'll get hungry too!
Friend 2: Yes the movie is pretty long. How about we go for a quick bite rather than a coffee?
Friend 1: That might be a better idea.
Friend 2: Alright. I think I noticed a pizza place across the street. Let's get our tickets and then head over for a slice.
Friend 1: Great idea.

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