At the restaurant

Guest 1: What a lovely restaurant.
Guest 2: Yes. It is.
Guest 1: Where on earth did you find this place?
Guest 2: A friend at work recommended it. They said the food is amazing.
Guest 1: Well the location is fantastic.
Guest 2: Yes. I know. No matter where we are sitting, we can see the waterfall.
Guest 1: So what have you been doing with yourself?
Guest 2: Not much. Working away. How about you?
Guest 1: Well my friends and I are planning a trip to South America next summer.
Guest 2: Wow. That sounds like an adventure!
Guest 1: Yes. We're all very excited. There are six of us planning to go.
Guest 2: Sounds exciting. What are the plans?
Guest 1: We're hoping to go for at least 6 weeks. Tour as many countries as we can.
Guest 2: Really big plans! Sounds like the adventure of a lifetime.
Guest 1: Yes. I've never done anything like this before. Right now each of us are researching the places we want to visit. I'm researching Ecuador and Peru.
Guest 2: Very interesting. I'm envious. When do you plan to leave?
Guest 1: Probably next July; so we still have plenty of time to work out the details.
Guest 2: Our waiter is coming over. Why don't we order and you can tell me more about this fabulous trip?
Guest 1: Absolutely. I'm looking forward to the food and more great conversation!

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