An Invitation to Tea

Friend 1: I'm wondering if you would like to come for tea next Sunday?
Friend 2: Yes. That's sounds nice. What time?
Friend 1: I'm planning a small tea party for 3 p.m.
Friend 2: Oh? For how many?
Friend 1: Nothing too big, just four of us.
Friend 2: How nice. Who else is invited?
Friend 1: I've invited my neighbor and her sister. They are elderly and live alone.
Friend 2: I don't think I've met them but sounds like an enjoyable afternoon. I'd like to bring something.
Friend 1: That's not necessary. I've taken care of all the details.
Friend 2: Knowing you, I'm sure that's true but I still would like to contribute!
Friend 1: Alright then, how about some extra biscuits?
Friend 2: That's awfully plain and boring. How about some pastries?
Friend 1: Well, I am making a lemon cake, you don't think pastries will be too much?
Friend 2: No, I don't think so. The ones from the French baker are light.
Friend 1: Yes, I think you're right. They will be a nice complement to the cake.
Friend 2: Well then it's settled. I'll pass by the baker on my way over. This way the pastries will be nice and fresh.
Friend 1: Thank you. I think we'll have a lovely afternoon.
Friend 2: Yes I think so too. I look forward to meeting your neighbors on Sunday.
Friend 1: Yes. See you then.

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