Hiring A Taxi

Taxi Dispatch: Blue Line Taxi may I help you?
Customer: Yes. I'd like to order a taxi.
Taxi Dispatch: Where are you going?
Customer: I'm going to the Opera House.
Taxi Dispatch: Do you have the address.
Customer: No I don't.
Taxi Dispatch: You need to have the address. Our drivers need to know where your going.
Customer: I see. I'm visiting so I just have the ticket stubs, not the address.
Taxi Dispatch: I understand. Where are you located?
Customer: I'm staying at the Regent Hotel downtown.
Taxi Dispatch: Okay. Let me put you on hold. There might be a driver in the area who knows where the Opera House is located.
Customer: Sure. I'll hold.
Taxi Dispatch: Alright. This is your lucky day. I have a driver who can take you there.
Customer: Great.
Taxi Dispatch: What is your name?
Customer: Cameron West.
Taxi Dispatch: Okay Mr. West. I'll give your name to the driver. He should be there in about 15 minutes. Please wait in the hotel lobby for him.
Customer: Thank-you. I'll be waiting.
Taxi Dispatch: Your welcome. Enjoy the opera.
Customer: Thank-you I will.

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