At the Garage

Customer: Hello. I have an odd sound coming from my car.
Mechanic: What kind of sound?
Customer: When I turn the key, it hesitates to start.
Mechanic: Does the engine turn over?
Customer: Yes it does. It hi-cups a bit, then makes a funny rumble.
Mechanic: Where do you think you hear the rumbling? Directly from the engine?
Customer: I hear the rumbling right after the hesitation when I turn the key.
Mechanic: I understand. I'm just trying to locate where the sound is coming from- the engine or somewhere else.
Customer: I see. It sounds like it's rumbling through the key when I try to start the engine.
Mechanic: Okay. Now we're getting somewhere. Let's try to start the engine. Pull your car up to the first bay.
Customer: Okay. Did you hear the noise when I pulled up?
Mechanic: A little. Turn the car on and off for me.
Customer: Okay. Can you hear the rumble now?
Mechanic: Yes. I do. I hear the hesitation and the rumbling.
Customer: What do you think it is?
Mechanic: I'll have to run a full diagnostic to know for sure but off the top of my head; it sound like the starter.
Customer: Can you fix it today?
Mechanic: I won't be able to fix it today but I can fix it tomorrow. Bring it back first thing in the morning. It's drivable until then.
Customer: Great. See you first thing tomorrow.

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