Vocabulary lesson 92

pottery (n.) the activity of making containers or other items out of clay.
- She collects pottery, art and vintage jewelry, and she knows how to find a deal.
athletic (adj.) being good at sports or being active physically. An athlete is someone who plays sports.
- A thin, athletic woman came to see me because of worsening asthma and allergies.
loyal (adj.) being someone that you can trust or depend on. Faithful.
- Tran realized that her business depended on keeping her 300,000 loyal customers.
intellectual (adj. & n.) relating to the ability to think in an intelligent way and to understand things, especially difficult or complicated ideas and subjects
- Students were asked which task represented the greatest intellectual challenge.
spontaneous (adj.) Something spontaneous happens when you're least expecting it.
- This week saw the first spontaneous political protests in Moscow in a long time.

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