The Parts Of Speech

Traditionally in the English language, there are eight different parts of speech:
- Nouns
- Verbs
- Pronouns
- Adjectives
- Adverbs
- Prepositions
- Conjunctions
- Interjections

Every one of the parts of speech shows how the word is used in a sentence not what the word actually is. Some words can double as two parts of speech, depending on how it is used in a sentence. Let's take a look at each different part of speech. We'll go through what they are and give you an example of each one:

Nouns are words used to show a person, place, thing, or idea. This is the building block for any sentence. In the sentence below, “dog” is the noun. It is the basis for the whole sentence.
Example: The dog is brown.

Verbs are used to show action or show what the noun is doing in that particular sentence. This is the action word of the sentences. In the sentence below “walks” is the verb.
Example: The man walks the dog at the park.

A pronoun is a shortened way to show a noun in a sentence. Pronouns include words like: we, she, he, it, they, and us. In the sentence below, “we” is the pronoun. It's used to show that more than one person went to the park without naming every single person.
Example: We went to the park together.

An adjective is used to describe the noun in the sentence. These include colors, sizes, shapes, and so on. In the sentence below, the word “pink” is the adjective. It's used to show the color of the flower, which is the noun.
Example: The pink flower at the park was beautiful.

An adverb shows the place, cause, time, degree, or manner of a verb and helps to answer the questions: when, where, how much, how, and who. In the sentence below, quickly is the adverb.
Example: The dog quickly jumped over the log.

A preposition links a pronoun, noun, or phrase to other words in the sentence. In the sentence below, on is the preposition.
Example: The vase is on the table.

A conjunction is used to link phrases and clauses. In the sentence below, and is the conjunction.
Example: We ate the salad and the pies.

An interjection is a word used to convey emotion in a sentence. In the sentence below, ouch is the interjection.
Example: Ouch, that bee sting hurt!

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