At the Library

Customer: Hello. I'm looking to sign up for a library card and find materials on Pablo Picasso.
Library Clerk: I can help you with that. Which would you like to do first?
Customer: I'd like to start with Picasso.
Library Clerk: That's a good idea. Let me show you how our system works.
Customer: Thank you.
Library Clerk: Each floor of the library has about six computer terminals. Use these to find books or other materials.
Customer: Do I need a password?
Library Clerk: No. The terminals are free for everyone to use. No password is required. Type the name of Picasso in the search bar and click enter.
Customer: Okay. There's quite a bit of search results for Picasso.
Library Clerk: Yes. As you can see we have art books, reference books, DVDs, all related to Picasso.
Customer: So how do I find what I need?
Library Clerk: See the numbers under the title? These numbers help you locate the exact area Picasso materials are located. These same numbers are located at the front of each shelving row. Find the row and follow the numbers.
Customer: I see. So in row three hundred, I'll find the Picasso materials?
Library Clerk: Yes that's right. Everything is numbered and all numbers run in sequence. Row three hundred is just to your left.
Customer: Great. I'll browse what's available.
Library Clerk: When you find the materials you'd like to checkout, bring them to the front and I'll show you how to fill out your library card.
Customer: Thanks I will.

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