At the Tailor

Customer: I need a suit made for my sister's wedding.
Tailor: A special occasion!
Customer: Yes it is.
Tailor: Are you in the wedding party?
Customer: No, but I do want my suit to look good.
Tailor: Of course. What kind of suit are you looking to wear?
Customer: I'd like something classic yet contemporary. Oh yes and stylish.
Tailor: Yes I agree. Not too bold but definitely stylish. Have you thought of fabric colour?
Customer: Not really but it will be a formal occasion. The ushers are in tuxedos and the bridesmaids are in long gold gowns.
Tailor: Quite fancy.
Customer: Yes and tasteful. So my suit must be of high quality and well made.
Tailor: Then you've come to the right place.
Customer: Great!
Tailor: Let me show you a suit I've just finished. Come over here. See what you think.
Customer: Wow. This is very stylish. I love the finish.
Tailor: Yes. This is a very high quality suit. Stylish yet formal.
Customer: Can you make something similar for me?
Tailor: Absolutely. I would recommend the midnight grey. As you see it looks almost black but when the light hits the fabric, you get a nice depth. When do you need it ready?
Customer: I need it for mid June.
Tailor: Plenty of time. Let me write up the order and do some rough measuring before the formal fitting.
Customer: Sounds good.

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