Requesting a Refund

Customer: Hello. I'd like to return this sweater.
Customer Service: What is wrong with it?
Customer: It's not the right size.
Customer Service: I see. Would you like a refund or exchange?
Customer: I would like a refund please.
Customer Service: When did you purchase the sweater?
Customer: I think it was last week some time. Maybe last weekend.
Customer Service: Do you still have your receipt?
Customer: Yes I do.
Customer Service: Can I see it, please?
Customer: Yes.
Customer Service: I see you purchased the sweater on sale. Although it's scanning at full price, our store policy is to only refund the actual purchase price. I can only refund the sale price.
Customer: That's fine.
Customer Service: I'll need you to fill out a return form.
Customer: Sure. No problem.
Customer Service: Just fill out your name and telephone number; and the reason for the return.
Customer: Okay. Thanks. Do you have a pen?
Customer Service: Yes I do. Just fill out the form and I'll be right back with your refund.
Customer: Great. Thank you.

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