Ordering Food - Sit Down Restaurant

Server: Hi, Welcome to The Keg. I'm Kelly and I'll be your server. How many are in your group?
Customer: Just me.
Server: O.K. Let me get you seated. Would you prefer a table or a booth?
Customer: I'd like a booth please.
Server: Great! Follow me. Is this okay?
Customer: Yes. Thank you.
Server: Here is your menu. I'll give you a few moments. Can I start you off with a drink?
Customer: Yes I'll have an ice tea.
Server: Great. I'll be right back with your ice tea.
Customer: Thank you.
Server: Are you ready to place your order?
Customer: I'm a little undecided. Can you recommend anything?
Server: Sure! Our special today is the grilled sea bass with rice. Although my personal favourite is the penne pasta with vegetables.
Customer: The fish sounds nice. Can I get that with a side salad?
Server: It comes with vegetables and rice. I can substitute the vegetables for a side salad or I can add the sided salad as an extra. Which would you prefer?
Customer: I'll have both the vegetables and a side salad.
Server: Great. What kind of dressing would you like? We have blue cheese. Balsamic, Italian or Ranch.
Customer: Do you have just plain oil and vinegar?
Server: Yes I can get that for you, no problem.
Customer: Thank you.
Server: I'll be right back with your order.

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