Meeting for Coffee

Friend 1: Hi, Cameron, glad you could make it.
Friend 2: Hi Alex. Nice to see you again. This is a nice place.
Friend 1: Yes it is. Did you have any trouble finding it?
Friend 2: Not at all. My Uncle drove me.
Friend 1: Well that was easy. Let's find a seat.
Friend 2: It looks busy.
Friend 1: Yes. This place is very popular. They have excellent coffee.
Friend 2: Nice seating too. It looks very comfortable.
Friend 1: Yes, I come here quite often. I think we can find some seats in the back.
Friend 2: I see 2 seats by the fireplace. Do you want to sit there?
Friend 1: Oh yes, that's a nice spot. Let's grab our seats and then we can order.
Friend 2: That sounds like a good plan.
Friend 1: I usually have the espresso when I'm here. They have great biscotti as well.
Friend 2: I see why it's so busy. It has a very nice atmosphere.
Friend 1: Yes, it does. The barista is very helpful.
Friend 2: I think I might try the cappuccino.
Friend 1: That's a good choice. I've had that before. It's very good.
Friend 2: Do they come to our table or do we order from the counter?
Friend 1: We order from the counter. Then we can bring our coffee back to our seats.
Friend 2: Alright then, lets order.

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