Giving Directions

Person 1: Excuse me, I think my friend and I are lost. I'm wondering if you can help us?
Person 2: I'll try. What are you looking for?
Person 1: We're trying to find the park that has the free concert today.
Person 2: Which park?
Person 1: We thought it was the park downtown, but we just came from there. No concert.
Person 2: Do you know the name of the park that has the free concert?
Person 1: No but we have a flayer with the concert details.
Person 2: Do you mind if I see it?
Person 1: Sure. I have it here in my bag.
Person 2: I'm afraid the flayer isn't very clear. I can see how easily it is to get confused.
Person 1: Yes. I guess we just assumed it was the main park downtown.
Person 2: Well the flayer says: “Concert by the Lake” so it's probably at the lake shore park.
Person 1: I'm not sure if we want to risk getting lost again.
Person 2: I understand but I'm pretty sure the concert is there. It's the only park in the lake area.
Person 1: Is it easy to find?
Person 2: Very easy. You just hop on the bus across the street and it takes you right to park. Even if the concert isn't there, they have a wonderful boardwalk I'm sure you'll enjoy.
Person 1: Well, that doesn't sound too bad. I think it's worth the risk. Thank you!
Person 2: You're welcome and good luck!

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