Casual Introductions

Alex: Hi, my name is Alex.
Cameron: Hello Alex, how are you?
Alex: I'm very good thank-you, what's your name?
Cameron: My name is Cameron.
Alex: Nice to meet you Cameron.
Cameron: Nice to meet you too.
Alex: What brings you here?
Cameron: I'm visiting friends, how about you?
Alex: Yes, I'm visiting also.
Cameron: Are you having a good time?
Alex: Oh yes, I'm really enjoying myself.
Cameron: That's great. Me too.
Alex: Nice to hear. How long is your stay?
Cameron: I'm here for another month.
Alex: That's great. Perhaps we can go for coffee before you leave?
Cameron: Sure, that's sounds good. Will you be around for awhile?
Alex: Yes. I'm here for another 3 weeks.
Cameron: Very good then; let's set a day.
Alex: Okay, How about next Thursday?
Cameron: Sure that works for me. Let me give you my cell number.

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