At the Train Station

Customer: Hello. I'd like to purchase a ticket.
Railway Clerk: Where are you going?
Customer: I'm going to Chicago.
Railway Clerk: How long do you plan on staying?
Customer: Just a couple of days. I haven't decided when I'll return.
Railway Clerk: How are you looking to travel? Economy or Business class?
Customer: What is the difference between the two?
Railway Clerk: Economy is a standard seat. There are four seats to a section. Business class has reclining seats, with two seats per section. There is also a complimentary snack bar.
Customer: Is there Wi-Fi?
Railway Clerk: All train sections have Wi-Fi.
Customer: What is the price difference?
Railway Clerk: A one way economy fare is thirty-five dollars, business class is seventy-five.
Customer: What about round trip?
Railway Clerk: Since you don't know your return date, a round trip ticket is a bit more expensive.
Customer: How so?
Railway Clerk: A round trip ticket with a return date is an additional fifteen dollars for both classes. An open ticket is an extra twenty five dollars economy; business class is an extra fifty dollars.
Customer: So much better for me to know my return day.
Railway Clerk: Exactly. You can also book tickets online. So if you want to keep the return date open, check our website for any last minute ticket deals.
Customer: Great. Thanks for all your help. I'll take a one way economy.

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